FPGA Design

We provide FPGA design, development and integration services. Our expertise in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) encompasses from digital signal processing to high speed communications.

Our FPGA team is fully trained and experienced in schematics and Verilog/VHDL based design methodology. We have vast experience with Actel (Microchip), Intel and Lattice FPGAs.

Software Design

Advanced Systems develops software/firmware for special purpose electronics equipment. We have experience to integrate software/ firmware with the hardware of communications, consumer and industrial equipment.
We have also experience in Windows applications development. We have worked on Linux development for PC and ARM based embedded boards.

Software Capabilities
System Architecture and Design

• Software Implementation

• Software Testing and Verification

• Software/Hardware Integration

Mechanical Design

Advanced Systems designs, develops and integrates mechanical subsystems of electronic products. Our mechanical team designs, prototypes and manufactures the components necessary to take product design from concept through product.

Mechanical Capabilities
Mechanical Requirements Development

• Special Design and Assembly

• Rapid Prototyping of Mechanical Parts

• Integration with Electronic Components



Electronics Design

Advanced Systems’ highly trained engineers are eager to design and develop new products or enhance existing products. We integrate micro-controllers and micro-processors with FPGAs for communication and industrial systems. We have experience of assimilating electronics systems, FPGAs, firmware and software to make complex products that work.

Our electronics engineers work in conjunction with mechanical design and software design teams to coordinate full-product integration. Developed products can then be manufactured in our specialized manufacturing facility.

Electronics Hardware Capabilities

System Architecture and Design

• Electronic Schematics Design

• Printed Circuit Board Layout and Design

• Design Quality Assurance

• Prototype Assembly

• Board Bring-up, Design Verification and Test



We help companies use the full potential of Internet of Things and offer IoT development services for any industry and vertical.

We design the sensor hardware platform and connectivity infrastructure according to the user requirements.

We offer IoT software development services from sensor firmware engineering and IoT data pipeline architecture to implementing user freindly and practical web and mobile applications for the users of connected systems.

IoT Platforms

  • Beagle Bone Black
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • ESP32 

We have experience with Atmel, 8051, x86, Zilog, Microchip, Black-Fin, Cold-Fire, ATOM, Quartus Prime, Latice.